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11/25/2001 Archived Entry: "14 SONGS HAVE MADE IT TO TRACKING STAGE."

44 songs are now 14.
shihad now have 14 songs that they going to finish off in LA, the pick of the rest will show up as b-sides. these are the songs that will make up the album. this is by no means a final track-listing.

+ nothing
+ head in the clouds
+ imaginery
+ semi normal
+ miss cleo
+ cunt with a k
+ run
+ weight of the world
+ home
+ trademark
+ trademark II
+ stranger
+ bulletproof
+ everything
shihad are back *home* for christmas. whether this is wellington or melbourne, who knows?
apparently there's a new years gig lined up. they have played at least one gig in wellington per year since inception. let's hope 2001 is no different.

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