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10/24/2001 Archived Entry: "JOSH ABRAHAM"

a bit of research would indicate that the new album is going to rock like nothing else has done before. have a look at josh abraham's portfolio here.
those are some pretty rocking discs he has produced. one can only hope we are leaked some aural samples soon.

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my word...

Posted by ysabel @ 10/24/2001 03:34 PM NZDT

i can hardly wait

Posted by vladi @ 10/25/2001 12:42 AM NZDT

Yeah, but don't most of those bands suck?!?!?! I mean, Limp Bizkit? They suck. Coal Chamber? They suck. Crazy Town? Suck. Staind? okay, they're pretty okay.

Am I the only one who is a little worried that the new album will be heavily slanted into the mold of the preceding bands???

Posted by waitin' @ 11/14/2001 01:07 PM NZDT

yeah, they do suck. but in terms of production, it cannot be argued those are some pretty phat albums. it's like listening to n'sync. sure, the "music" sucks but the production cannot be denied.

this record is going to be killer.

Posted by squire @ 11/15/2001 12:32 AM NZDT

Yeah I see your point. But in the US, there is a definite mold of bands that they are now (by virtue of being produced by JA) being associated with, and probably will be marketed with. I'm just concerned that they will simply become the next flavor of the month over here, as one new hard rock band replaces the next, and they will not have any real penetration in the market, because they are simply band #7 in a long line of bands waiting in the wings to be unleashed on the lemming-like masses. We know of course, that Shihad is way better than any of the above mentioned bands, but the industry may not recognize that. Then again, they may just make everyone rethink what rock is all about too!!!

Posted by waitin' @ 11/15/2001 07:43 AM NZDT

to the forum i think. this is worth debating.

Posted by squire @ 11/15/2001 09:49 AM NZDT

shihad are shihad.
they are making a living in music and are happy. they will be miserable if they start writing/making/producing music like the above names no matter how big they get.

Posted by pondera @ 12/11/2001 01:05 PM NZDT

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